Three Reasons To Choose The Best Anti-Pull Dog Lead

Every dog walk can easily spiral into a battle of where you want to take your dog and where your dog wants to take you. Your lead, your arm and your dog’s body will be impacted by these movements, making it hard to have a comfortable walk. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got a puppy or a huge furry friend, you’ll want to find an anti-pull dog lead that can reduce the strain on everyone.

For the best online destination for products that have been tried and tested by actual dog owners, choose Frank & Jellys. We’ll leave you to discover why that is but for now, here are three reasons to invest in the Thunderleash anti-pull dog lead this year:

  • Small and large dogs catered for: There are two main types of Thunderleash waiting for you to buy. If your dog weighs under 11kg, the small lead is suggested while above that your dog requires the larger lead.
  • Don’t hurt, hug: The Thunderleash is more like a harness than a lead. It will pull gently on their torso rather than pulling at their neck – creating a better experience for both dog and owner.
  • Doggy Detectives approve: 94% of our Doggy Detectives – our online community of dog owners – had success when using this anti-pull dog lead.

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