Three Of Our Favourite Indestructible Dog Toys

No matter how young or how old your dog is, they’ll want to play with you. Whether they’re young and want to chase after a ball on their daily walk or your dog is getting older and they prefer pulling on a toy, you’ll want to ensure they’ve got a toy that stands up to the test of time.

Our indestructible dog toys at Frank & Jellys are a great investment for your dog’s collection of toys. They’ll have their favourites that you’ll have to sneakily dispose of, but our dog toys are proven to be as close to indestructible as possible.

The sections on our website are broken down into tug, extra strong, balls, mental stimulation, natural chews, soft and multi-dog toys. Within each of these you’ll find products from that have been tested by our Doggy Detectives.

Here are three products that you can trust to be indestructible dog toys:

  • West Paw Bumi Tug: The assurance that you’re not going to fall backwards is important when you’re playing tug. This toy comes with a guarantee of replacement if it is damaged!
  • Goughnuts: Perfect for the strongest dogs and the pickiest of biters, Goughnuts can stand up to any test.
  • Beco Jungle Rope: Environmentally friendly and stimulating for your dog. Whether you’re playing a game of tug or throwing it around, your dog will love it.

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