Odour Eliminating Pet Spray

Christmas time prompts a house full of happy children, mumbling in-laws and excited dogs and puppies running around. The short and sharp burst of excitement that Christmas provides is not always a good thing if your dog is liable to getting over excited.

With Frank & Jellys, and our online store dedicated to finding the best products for dogs and their owners, we have a wide range of odour eliminating pet spray that is perfect for those little spillages and mess patches that inevitably happen. We make sure that the pet spray we sell at Frank & Jellys isn’t packed full of damaging chemicals because we test all our products to guarantee they’re right for you.

The smell of dog around a Christmas dinner doesn’t make for the most pleasant of times. Whether it’s been wet outside and your dog is beginning to give off a musky scent or you want to freshen them up for the visit of your family members, choose Frank & Jellys.

We have odour eliminating pet spray that will destroy any lingering smells that may have found a home on your dog’s fur during their walk or that they trodden in from the garden.

Discover more about our vast range of odour eliminating pet spray, get in contact with our helpful team today.