Get Your Furry Friend Some Natural Dog Treats

Over the years of owning a dog, you may be tempted to sneak them little nuggets of food from the table, the leftover chicken from a roast, or small crumbs left over from baking. Nonetheless, over this time your dog can become sick or become allergic to these guilty pleasure treats.

At Frank & Jellys we’ve got the perfect way for you to keep your dog off the potentially harmful human food, with some all natural dog treats. These dog treats come from reputable brands and leading manufacturers of dog foods. We have a dedicated section for natural dog treats that we’re certain will be perfect for your large or small dog.

We’ve got small and handy liver treats for those long walks or for training them by Luv Hearts and we’ve then got a full range of chew toys which are great for passing the time when the family are eating at the table.

To ensure that our range of natural dog treats continues to impress our new and returning customers, we want to make sure you can put your faith in them. Our natural dog treats are tested by our very own Doggy Detectives which is sure to give you peace of mind.

If you’d like to discover more about our online dog store at Frank & Jellys, get in contact with us.