Find The Most Trustworthy Tested Dog Products

We’ve all glanced and studied TripAdvisor for the latest reviews on the hotel we’ve booked – peeking through our fingers to read the one-star review left a couple weeks ago. This is great for hotels but what about dog products? Where do you go if your dog destroys a toy in a couple minutes or has an allergic reaction to its ingredients? Find and leave the latest reviews of tested dog products to help yourself and others buy natural, affordable and trustworthy items with us.

At Frank & Jellys we have an array of tested dog products that could be ideal for your dog. The only way to know is to browse our selection of dog products and read through the reviews that have been left by our dedicated team of Doggy Detectives.

Testing dog products would be a huge undertaking for one person – and it can be easy to get a slanted, salesy vibe from that – so by using our Doggy Detectives we know we’ll be getting accurate feedback from real-life situations. These are posted on our closed social media group to allow us to select reviews that help our customers make the right choice for their dog.

The result is pages such as our health section that is packed full of tested dog products for skin complaints, tear stains, flea and worming and ticks. Check it out now.

Take a look at some of our tested dog products which are organised into helpful sections just for you. Discover more about our tested dog products by getting in contact with us.

If you think your dog would make a great tester please click here to apply.