Find The Ideal Puppy Teething Toys

If your puppy isn’t chewing every single item of furniture or any surface it comes across yet, that pesky stage is just around the corner. Teething is a natural process that hits puppies as they grow and strengthen, but it’s imperative they don’t gnaw through your sofa, door frame or any other items around the home.

We’ve got plenty of puppy teething toys that could be ideal for keeping your puppy busy during this stage at Frank & Jellys. By purchasing one of our teething products, you’ll be able to relax safe in the knowledge your little puppy is chewing on something safe and mentally stimulating.

To demonstrate our range of puppy teething toys, we’ve listed three of our favourite products that are preferred by our Doggy Detectives at Frank & Jellys:

  • Chew Root: Great for puppies over three months old, this small chunk of tree root will provide a stimulating and safe experience for your little fluff ball.
  • Denta Sticks: These hypoallergenic grain free treats are perfect for pups that love to chew. They help clean teeth and improve doggie breath too!
  • Coffeewood Chew: This strong chew toy is the perfect progression for your puppy. They’ll enjoy the challenge and distraction for ages – and some have been known to last three months.

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