Discover Tested Products From Our Online Dog Shop

Your dog has a special place in your heart, a place where only your friends and family reside. As such it’s vitally important that you treat your dog’s body like a temple by ensuring that every product you buy has been selected for its quality. At Frank & Jellys our online dog shop is crammed full of dog toys, treats, medicines and more to help your dog enjoy its best life.

But, how can you ensure that every product you buy is assured of quality? Surely, I’ll have to gamble at one point you may ponder. That may be true when you purchase products in the supermarket. However, if you choose our online dog shop at Frank & Jellys you’ll have access to products that have been tested by our numerous Doggy Detectives.

These dog loving individuals hand in their reviews of products across the world from supermarkets, pet stores and online. This has built up a bank of knowledge and advice from our Doggy Detectives which ensures every product we sell has a seal of approval from them.

By choosing Frank & Jellys as your preferred online dog shop you’ll have access to a wide selection of tested dog products that are perfect for your furry friend.

To find out more about our online dog shop, get in contact with us. alternatively to apply to join our team of testers please click this link.